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How Can Flooding Insurance Protect You From Hurricane Damages

By On August 8, 2014No Comments

A hurricane brings a combination of soaking rain, flying debris and powerful winds. With these storms come tidal surges that are destructive, and these storms can pack a powerful punch. What this means to the home in its path is flooding and damage. For those who live near the path of the storm, this can mean overflowing waters hundreds of miles inland. Flood damages can mount into the thousands of dollars, even completely destroy a property. One way that homeowners can protect themselves is by purchasing flood insurance. But what is flood insurance and how will it help during a hurricane?

Most people think that their regular homeowner’s policy will cover the in the event of a flood. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, a typical insurance policy will cover broken pipes and the occasional water heater problem, but it will not cover any type of flooding caused from a storm. Flooding due to Mother Nature is considered to be an “Act of God,” therefore it is not covered. When a person lives in an area that is prone to flooding, their Mortgage Company may require them to carry this additional policy. Whether required or not, having flood insurance can greatly protect a home from the occasional storm.

Living on the coast is breathtaking, the golden sun and tranquil beauty make it a haven. However, when the storms pound on the shoreline, it can be brutal. A family doesn’t have to be right on the shore to experience the aftermath of a hurricane. Some think that only homes near the ocean need flood insurance. Even inland homes can experience the fury of these storms. Flood insurance will cover what the other insurance policy wont. In the event a home is destroyed by a flood, the family won’t be left out in the cold. Whether a person lives right on the beach or 100’s of miles away makes no difference, the after affects from these storms is fierce.

It takes about thirty days for a hurricane policy to go into effect. An insurance agent will access the home’s risk to flood damages from a hurricane. They will look at the probability of storm surges, flooding and wind. In some areas, damages from a hurricane don’t come from rising waters, but rather from trees crashing into the home. Trimming trees is also another part of ensuring a home is safe during a major storm of this nature.

This additional policy isn’t as costly as one might think. In fact, just one catastrophe involving flooding can make this coverage worthwhile. There are many benefits to ensuring that the home is protected, one is peace of mind. Each home sits in an area that is rated for flooding. If it is a high flood area, it would be foolish not to carry proper coverage. Even if the home doesn’t sit in a high flood zone, it is still a game of chance.

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Wind Chill Advisory Issued as Extreme Cold Returns Homeowners Face New Round Of Potential Dangers

By On January 24, 2013 No Comments

Midwest is experiencing the coldest air winter tearing through Ohio and headed to New England. The Alberta Clipper systems begun in the lee of Canadian Rockies and has since moved swiftly across northern US bringing in extreme weather conditions. The Alberta Clipper system drew arctic air southwards right from Canada causing squally winds and snow to many states from North Dakota to northern part of Maine and the conditions experienced by motorists are treacherous.

In parts of Minnesota, North Dakota and Maine, it was expected that wind chills will approach 50 degrees below zero and this is according to National Weather Service. Although the Arctic air was bringing chills of over minus 50 in Minnesota, the highs were expected to stay below zero into Tuesday and this is according to forecasters.

The chill wind system caused a trail of vehicle related damages and interruptions of day-to-day activities in most parts. In Detroit, close to 40,000 customers went without power on early Monday following damages on power lines. Utility DTE Energy was quick to place blames on the winds, which knocked out power on Sunday for close to 120,000 customers.

In parts of Ohio, the blowing wind and snow and the smooth roads culminated to highway pile-ups where vehicles crashed. In Cincinnati, the chills and snow weather set off a pile-up of close to 86 vehicles where at least a 12-year-old girl was left dead. The accident resulted to several hours of shut down of the highway I-275 in Cincinnati.

Although the Clipper storm system was moving fast, starved of moisture, it was expected that some minor travel interruptions and slick roads would be experienced. Alberta Clipper snow first spread into Dakotas. The crash that occurred on Interstate 275 close to Colerain Township of Cincinnati was one of the few pileups of vehicles that occurred owing to the snow weather.

When officers arrived at the scene shortly after 11.30 am, they found a chain of collisions where a 12-year-old girl was purported to have gotten out of a damaged vehicle. The girl was standing near a cable barrier when another vehicle hit the barrier and snapped a cable, which struck the girl killing her.

It is estimated that about 20 people were rushed to hospitable though they had no life-threatening injuries, said spokesperson Jim Knapp of Hamilton County sheriff’s office. Authorities said that interstate was closed for several hours while wreckage strew across it.

In one of the moves to raise awareness and make weather systems easy to follow and remember, the Weather Channel began naming winter storms from November 2012. The changes in patterns of winter season are likely to spark a trail of destructions in neighborhoods where they strike and residents need to get an awareness of the seriousness of these weather patterns.

Some of the names for the storms in 2012 to 2013 season, are Draco, Khan and Ukko among others. As the chills and snow stormy weather moves east towards New England, it was expected that it could bring significant strong winds and snow. The Weather Channel warned of high areas in Northeast parts of Massachusetts would be engulfed with snow of up to 12 inches.

Contributions to this article were provided by the cold weather property repair experts from NRN Services, a leading disaster recovery contractor helping homeowners deal with damages brought on by the extreme cold conditions. Additional information may be found online at their website.

Damages Caused By Hurricanes Can Run Into The Billions Of Dollars

By On October 28, 2012 No Comments

Hurricanes are violent storms which emanate from the waters and they can extend to the land. The scientific name given to storms is tropical cyclones. There are mainly three forms of cyclones and these are hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones. When the strong storms occur in the Atlantic Ocean, they are known as hurricanes and if they occur in Pacific Ocean, they are referred to as typhoons. Those occurring in Indian Ocean are known as cyclones.

Therefore, the name of the storm depends on the location from where they emanate. The formation of hurricanes begins with high winds. When the winds contained in the rotating storm attain a speed of 39mph, they are referred to as tropical storm and as they accelerate to reach 74 mph, the storm is regarded as tropical cyclone or hurricane.

In most cases, tropical cyclones weaken as they make a landfall but the damage they can cause is extensive. The reason why the strength of the tropical cyclones weakens as they hit the land is because they are not fed or fueled by the energy from the warm ocean waters. Nonetheless, they continue to move inland pouring many inches of rainfall and strong winds which cause damage before they eventually die out.

The destruction caused by hurricanes depends on their size, intensity and also the nature of the topography where they fall. These storms bring about property damage and in extreme cases they can cause death. There is variable impact which is witnessed as the storm passes and the nature and extent of damage depends on how strong those winds and rainfall are.

A severe and extensive damage is seen in areas closest to the centre of the cyclone. The impact of the storm is multidirectional and this is evidenced by crowns of trees which are broken and wind-thrown. A severe and localized damage is experienced in areas closer to the cyclone centre than in the edge of the storm with severe canopy disruption.

The storms reshape the geology which is near the coast as they erode sand from the beaches. They also rearrange the corals and change dune configurations. Buildings are damaged when the storms are severe and this leads to displacement of the population. Where there is total destruction, this means that the homes and buildings have to be rebuilt.

In the Saffir-Simpson scale, the hurricane scale one is the weakest and this causes damages to trees, and unanchored mobile homes. Scale number two storms are relatively strong and these can damage building roofs and blow trees down. As the winds become stronger, they advance to scale number three, where they can destroy mobile homes, damage small buildings and blow down large trees.

Storms categorized as scale number four have the power to lower floors of structures, which are near the shore and this causes flooding. Scale number five hurricanes are the strongest and very powerful and they cause an extensive damage to industrial buildings and homes. They lower floors of structures, which may be within 500 meters off shore standing 4.5m above the sea level.

The following article was suggested by the repair and restoration pros who will be helping property owners recover on the east coast from hurricane sandy, in states like new jersey, pennsylvania and the entire tri state area.

Contractors Likely To Win, Insurance Carriers Lose As Isaac Approaches

By On August 25, 2012 No Comments

Isaac is Becoming a Growing Threat to the US

The ninth named storm of the 2012 hurricane season, Issac is creating a lot of worry and anxiety for residents in southern Florida and Georgia. The current movement of the system and all model tracks are steering Issac west over the next 48 hours. The official National Hurricane Center’s track brings Issac as a Category 2 hurricane to near Cuba by Sunday. The latest models put the center of Isaac right over Tampa, Florida Monday night. This is not good news for that city as the Republican National Convention starts Monday wherein tens of thousands of visitors will be swamping Tampa.

While Isaac is not even a hurricane yet, it is already causing cruise ship lines to change their itineraries. Cruises heading out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale are changing their plans and instead of heading to the eastern Caribbean will be visiting the western Caribbean this weekend. Isaac is also making national headlines in the US as it churns its way through the Caribbean. The system is expected to strengthen and cross Haiti and Cuba before possibly arriving on the southwest coast of Florida Monday. Rick Scott, governor of Florida said Thursday that his state is taking every precaution to be ready for Issac and also stated that the Sunshine State is more prepared than any state in the US for hurricanes.

By mid-afternoon Thursday, the tropical storm was abut 160 miles south of San Juan, Puerto Rico and was on a westerly track moving at under 20 miles per hour. The tropical storm is packing winds of 40 miles per hour, down from 45 miles per hour earlier. Issac must have sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour in order to be categorized as a hurricane. If Isaac veers off course and moves into the Gulf of Mexico after leaving Cuba, it very well could pick up strength as it enters the warm waters of the Gulf. The longer the system remains over open water in the Gulf, the greater the risk that it will intensify.

Many forecasters are predicting that the storm will go ashore somewhere between Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL. If that happens, it will pose a direct threat to oil and gas production across the eastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico. Thus far, some personnel on offshore oil rigs and gas production platforms are being evacuated. Meanwhile, the 10th named storm of the 2012 hurricane season, tropical storm Joyce formed Wednesday in the Atlantic. That system is currently packing winds of 40 miles so forecasters now have two tropical storms to monitor. Joyce is currently between the Lesser Antilles and the Cape Verde Islands.

While the storm may be good news for contractors in Florida, hurriane cleanup and repair companies, the news will not be as good for the Insurance Industry and ultimately could lead to an uptick with premiums and costs in the near future.

How To Find A Good Basement Finishing Contractor

By On June 28, 2012 No Comments

You’ll be surprised to see how a dark, humid, cool and drippy basement can look like after renovation. Here are some pointers that will make it is easy to hire a good qualified basement finishing contractor and get value for your money:
Choose the right contractor specific to your work

You can contact the contractors through the yellow pages index.You can also find basement finishers on the net who can match your needs and your demands. Another important thing is to check your local Better Business Bureau so that you don’t hire a contractor with unresolved issues with past clients. Also you can verify the contractor’s license and insurance and ensure that the insurance covers personal liability, property damage and worker’s compensation. Lastly consider how well you can communicate with the contractor. Always hire somebody with whom you think you’ll be able to establish a good working and professional relationship.
Try to judge how responsible the company is is

If a contractor is non-responsive on the phone or is late for an appointment, or does not get back to you in a timely manner during the estimate process, chances are he is not the right person. Observe if he listens to what you want and is willing to educate you on the finishing process?

Get bids from multiple contractors

Getting multiple bids helps for comparison. Compare the companies’ guarantees, warranties, years in business, reputation, and references to make sure you get the best value at The Right Price which may not be the lowest but it will certainly be competitive & in line with your other bids! It is usually good to go with a company specialized in basement finishing because they will be accustomed to dealing with the unexpected problems of basement finishing. An ideal quotation should give you an itemized quote so you will know how much each part of your project will cost!
Ask for a design of the space on a computer

By designing your space on a computer, contractors get precise measurements. Otherwise trial and errors will make the cost go up significantly.

Ask contractors to give references of projects they have done earlier. Talk to the customers about their experience and if they agree stop by and see their newly finished basement! Sometimes you will see things you like & will want to incorporate in your basement.

Make sure they have a deadline

A deadline guarantees you from having your basement project dragged out months over the deadline and motivates your contractor to finish on time.

Make sure they stay downstairs

Because you will be living in the house while your basement is being finished it is important your contractor respects the security and safety of your family. Also encourage movement through the windows while finishing your basement as it keeps the construction mess downstairs.
Understand allowances

Contractors give allowances for things like flooring, cabinetry, and plumbing fixtures because their cost varies depending on the customers’ final choice. It is therefore important to make sure you make sure the allowances are realistic before your basement starts. Do not pay contractors a significant amount upfront as he would use the money to pay for past projects.

Hope these simple guidelines will help you to choose a contractor you can have confidence in and feel safe and secure while you get you basement finished.

Property Restoration Contractors Specialize In Fire and Water Damage

By On March 29, 2012 No Comments

Maintaining personal or commercial property is a little more complicated that just sweeping the floors regularly. While sweeping the floors and cleaning the windows will make your property clean, making sure that your property is well maintained takes a lot more than just that. It’s important to be proactive in dealing with the maintenance of your property. This is because property tends to depreciate, and the lesser attention you give to proper maintenance the more your property will depreciate in value. This is true whether for your household or for the commercial properties that you own. Even with the household, you need to ensure that all parts of your house are still functioning, as they should be. You should periodically check the pipes, the walls, the roof, the ceiling, the floor, and all the other bits and pieces that make your house what it is. The same is true for commercial property.

Damaged Property

The reason why maintenance is so important is that no matter what we do to ensure that our homes and commercial properties are well taken care of, some things can happen that’s beyond our control. For instance, an accident that causes a fire in one part of the property will really cause some damage in that area. If one of the water pipes suddenly leaks and no one is there to fix it in time, this could result to severe water damage. When this happens, all you’re left with is a damaged portion of your property that you need to fix right away. The longer you put the restoration on hold, the more irreversible the damage tends to get. The best thing to do is to contact a professional property restoration contractor or a company that specializes in water damage repairs as soon as the incident causing the damage happens.

Leaving it to the Professionals

Calling professional property company is important because some things are best left to the professionals. While it’s very tempting for some people to try and fix the damage themselves, it’s still best to get some professional help. Sometimes, what may seem to you, as a small and insignificant damage that you can fix is actually something that has many more implications – more than the amateur eye can see. Trying to fix things yourself can sometimes even cause more damage than good, and this is why it’s so important to consult with professionals right away. These property restoration contractors are so used to what they do that the damage can be corrected in the most efficient manner possible.

Future Implications

Even with the property restored, you have to think of the future implications like how to avoid the occurrence of whatever caused the damage in the first place. Take water damage for instance. You need to get your pipes checked and ensure that no leaks will result in the future. You should also check all other possible sources of property damage and do everything you can to prevent the damage from happening. Prevention is always better than cure.

Tips For Choosing The Right Plumber For Your Next Project

By On February 1, 2012 No Comments

If you experience a problem that requires plumbing services such as a malfunctioning faucet, a clogged toilet, or a pipe burst, it is imperative that you deal with a recognized plumber. There are various reasons for which you may want to choose a reliable plumber to do the job, one of them being the quality of the plumbing job and second is the cost for the plumbing service. Another aspect that is of paramount importance is the security issues in your home.
Remember that you are calling a person to do plumbing job in your home, and you may never know he may be coming to survey the security level in your premises and the valuables you have in there. Following are some of the considerations that you can use, while choosing a plumber

  • Ask your neighbors and friends- You can call your trusted neighbors and friends and see if they have any plumber in mind who might have offered them good plumbing services. This way you are likely to get a recommended plumber to solve your plumbing problem.
  • Peruse through your local directory – You are likely to get a series of plumbing services from your local directory. A correct search including the area you reside, can give you a number of companies or self-employed individuals who are licensed commercial plumbing service providers. From this list, you can choose the best that you think offers the best affordable services.
  • Contact a contractor you know- If you know of any builder or contractor, you can call this professional. Builders work closely with plumbers and they are more likely to know of a reputable plumber who can fix your problem. Getting recommended plumber is the main aim.
  • Consult a real estate agent- You can consult a real estate agent in your city because these experts deal with plumbers too. They may be able to help you get the right plumber to attend to your plumbing needs.
  • Request for plumber’s license number- In order to be pretty sure that the plumber you are engaging is able to complete the job professionally, you need to deal with licensed plumbers.
  • Get a price quote before you hire- The plumber may visit your home to evaluate the plumbing work or you may explain over the phone the kind of problem you have and the work expected.  A plumbing work that requires breaking through the wall to reach the leaking pipes can entail more work than expected.
  • Request for a warranty of the job- It is essential that you request for warranty of the job should the work not be done satisfactory.

In a nutshell, when you are choosing an emergency plumber, there are many things you need to consider before you can close the plumbing deal. This will not only ensure that the plumbing service is correctly provided but also you deal with trusted person for security reasons. This will also ensure that you settle on the cost of the plumbing services.

Electrical Contractors How To Choose A Reputable One

By On November 11, 2011 No Comments

When you need some electrical work done in your home or office, it is important that you find an electrical contractor who is experienced and capable of handling the job. There are many types of electrical contractors out there and the hiring process can take some time. In terms of safety in a home or business there is no more important person than the electrical contractor as he is responsible for the transfer of electricity through the building. Considering the fact that hundreds of amps are being transferred through most of the building that consists of flammable material, the electrical trade is a tightly regulated part of the construction industry and one that requires that the contractor must be well trained.

Even though an electrical contractor may have years of service, this is no guarantee that he or she will be the right person for your project. This is because the electrical field is a broad one and to become a specialist in every aspect of it would literally take many decades. To make this clear, consider the fact that you would not want a contractor who specializes in home solar power systems doing the wiring for a small shopping center. Instead you would want to choose an electrical contractor who is trained and experienced in setting up these power systems.

Choosing the right electrical contractor is really a process of elimination. If you want lighting installed, then nearly any electrical contractor can do this. However, if you want to install electrically-heated flooring in your home, you need to find someone who has the correct level of experience. The last thing you want to do is to pay someone to read directions that are printed on a box.

It is always a good idea to ask around. If you have a friend or family member that has had a new electrical panel put in recently and they are happy with the work that was done, then you have a pretty good idea that the contractor they used is good, plus you will have a general idea of how much they charge. Be sure that the contractor you choose is licensed. If you need a lot of electrical work done then be sure to ask for references because you want to be sure that the contractor will do the job well and finish it in a timely manner.

Tips for Surviving the Economic Recession

By On October 23, 2011 No Comments

The effects of current economic recession are felt by almost everyone. While the impact of this downturn may vary from one individual to another, many have experienced some sort of difficulty in managing their personal finances. Whether it is curtailing expenses incurred on entertainment, evaluating food expenditure, altering spending habits, using discount coupons, selling an asset, putting off retirement, reviewing market, reexamining portfolio allocations, obtaining personal loans or other things, people are making some kind of change to cope with the current economic situation. It is important to make these changes quickly and stick to them even when your financial position improves.

Recession has taught us many lessons, and it is imperative that you keep them in your mind and make necessary adjustments so that you can face any future financial problem caused by economic meltdown without major difficulty.
Jobs are no longer guaranteed. Whether you are currently employed or seeking a job, there are only few jobs left that are considered safe. It is high time that you realize that a job is not a right anymore, it is a privilege.
Your home is your responsibility. Like any asset, homes cost money, but there is a bigger social obligation on your part to safeguard this valuable possession of yours even when your financial condition is tough.

Perhaps living paycheck to paycheck isn’t a feasible option anymore. While many people still do it, either by their own choice, or they have no other option, the consequences of living paycheck to paycheck are not that heartening as more and more people doing so are losing their homes and other assets.

Setting up an emergency fund is highly recommended. The time is now for you to open a savings account and deposit a percentage (whatever you can easily afford) of your paycheck in it. Review all of your home expenses, make a diy home improvement and repair checklist of things you can do on your own to save money around your home.

Check your spending. Make a list of things on which you spend your money. You can easily reduce or eliminate spending on certain items that you can do without.

The recession people are facing today is not the first one to happen, and it would not be the last. It is important that you realize this fact immediately and start planning for the next one.

It is vital that you learn from the hardships of living through an economic crisis this time and don’t forget how things can immediately turn bad during a recession. Many financial experts advise that people should plan ahead in order to deal with the effects of a downturn easily and quickly.

Animal Damage from Racoons: How to Prevent It

By On October 23, 2011 No Comments

Racoons may be admired for their intelligence and cleverness, but it is these qualities that can help them damage your home considerably, sometimes, even beyond repair. The damage that is caused can be costly. Racoons are medium sized animals with an ideal weight between 12 and 20 lbs which makes it difficult to get rid of them. Add to that, their intelligence and ability to move fast; this can cause more problems. So how do you make your house safe from these nocturnal animals?

Racoons are known to make their places of refuge in attics, roofs and chimney and even in places like bedrooms which
are often uninhabited. Since they have sharp paws that can rip open cans, door latches, jars etc, just patching the entry hole to prevent them from coming out of their dens will not work. You have to remove every possible trace of raccoon including their fur and feces (both while ingested can cause organ malfunction, loss of muscle control and even death) and seal the entire building from any future entry. This is likely going to require you to hire a specialty cleaning company that handles repairs to homes from animal damage.

Look out for baby raccoons; they are mostly found between March and June, the time when mother raccoons give birth and raise their children under a house, in an area that is drier than rest of the places. If you find a litter of baby raccoons, it is better to wait for about eight weeks till they are young adults.

Close the chimney by putting a chimney cap. Racoons usually enter the chimney thinking it is a big hollow tree, to give birth to their young. Block such areas that allow entry to the mother raccoons. Trash cans, can be moved to an indoor area like garage. Racoons also enter along the tree branches that give them access to the roof and other parts of the house.

Do not keep pet food outside; this is like an open invitation. Feed food and water to your pets indoors. You can use a quarter inch hardware cloth to cover attic vents. Put a porcupine wire around the edges of the roofs, downspouts in order to thwart the entry of the raccoon along the roof. You can also keep a 1 inch space between the points of each row. You can also douse 2 o 3 tennis balls with ammonia and throw them at the place where the mother raccoon is nesting its young. The smell of ammonia will make their existence unlivable and they will soon relocate to another place.

Check with a local wildlife can rescue group and find out if they can be of aid to flush out raccoons from your house. Go through the laws in your state before trying to trap these animals because in some states, it is illegal to do so. So it is better to get in touch with an animal control organization to find out the right line of action to take.