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How Can Flooding Insurance Protect You From Hurricane Damages

By On August 8, 2014 Under Uncategorized

A hurricane brings a combination of soaking rain, flying debris and powerful winds. With these storms come tidal surges that are destructive, and these storms can pack a powerful punch. What this means to the home in its path is flooding and damage. For those who live near the path of the storm, this can mean overflowing waters hundreds of miles inland. Flood damages can mount into the thousands of dollars, even completely destroy a property. One way that homeowners can protect themselves is by purchasing flood insurance. But what is flood insurance and how will it help during a hurricane?

Most people think that their regular homeowner’s policy will cover the in the event of a flood. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, a typical insurance policy will cover broken pipes and the occasional water heater problem, but it will not cover any type of flooding caused from a storm. Flooding due to Mother Nature is considered to be an “Act of God,” therefore it is not covered. When a person lives in an area that is prone to flooding, their Mortgage Company may require them to carry this additional policy. Whether required or not, having flood insurance can greatly protect a home from the occasional storm.

Living on the coast is breathtaking, the golden sun and tranquil beauty make it a haven. However, when the storms pound on the shoreline, it can be brutal. A family doesn’t have to be right on the shore to experience the aftermath of a hurricane. Some think that only homes near the ocean need flood insurance. Even inland homes can experience the fury of these storms. Flood insurance will cover what the other insurance policy wont. In the event a home is destroyed by a flood, the family won’t be left out in the cold. Whether a person lives right on the beach or 100’s of miles away makes no difference, the after affects from these storms is fierce.

It takes about thirty days for a hurricane policy to go into effect. An insurance agent will access the home’s risk to flood damages from a hurricane. They will look at the probability of storm surges, flooding and wind. In some areas, damages from a hurricane don’t come from rising waters, but rather from trees crashing into the home. Trimming trees is also another part of ensuring a home is safe during a major storm of this nature.

This additional policy isn’t as costly as one might think. In fact, just one catastrophe involving flooding can make this coverage worthwhile. There are many benefits to ensuring that the home is protected, one is peace of mind. Each home sits in an area that is rated for flooding. If it is a high flood area, it would be foolish not to carry proper coverage. Even if the home doesn’t sit in a high flood zone, it is still a game of chance.

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