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Wind Chill Advisory Issued as Extreme Cold Returns Homeowners Face New Round Of Potential Dangers

By On January 24, 2013 Under Uncategorized

Midwest is experiencing the coldest air winter tearing through Ohio and headed to New England. The Alberta Clipper systems begun in the lee of Canadian Rockies and has since moved swiftly across northern US bringing in extreme weather conditions. The Alberta Clipper system drew arctic air southwards right from Canada causing squally winds and snow to many states from North Dakota to northern part of Maine and the conditions experienced by motorists are treacherous.

In parts of Minnesota, North Dakota and Maine, it was expected that wind chills will approach 50 degrees below zero and this is according to National Weather Service. Although the Arctic air was bringing chills of over minus 50 in Minnesota, the highs were expected to stay below zero into Tuesday and this is according to forecasters.

The chill wind system caused a trail of vehicle related damages and interruptions of day-to-day activities in most parts. In Detroit, close to 40,000 customers went without power on early Monday following damages on power lines. Utility DTE Energy was quick to place blames on the winds, which knocked out power on Sunday for close to 120,000 customers.

In parts of Ohio, the blowing wind and snow and the smooth roads culminated to highway pile-ups where vehicles crashed. In Cincinnati, the chills and snow weather set off a pile-up of close to 86 vehicles where at least a 12-year-old girl was left dead. The accident resulted to several hours of shut down of the highway I-275 in Cincinnati.

Although the Clipper storm system was moving fast, starved of moisture, it was expected that some minor travel interruptions and slick roads would be experienced. Alberta Clipper snow first spread into Dakotas. The crash that occurred on Interstate 275 close to Colerain Township of Cincinnati was one of the few pileups of vehicles that occurred owing to the snow weather.

When officers arrived at the scene shortly after 11.30 am, they found a chain of collisions where a 12-year-old girl was purported to have gotten out of a damaged vehicle. The girl was standing near a cable barrier when another vehicle hit the barrier and snapped a cable, which struck the girl killing her.

It is estimated that about 20 people were rushed to hospitable though they had no life-threatening injuries, said spokesperson Jim Knapp of Hamilton County sheriff’s office. Authorities said that interstate was closed for several hours while wreckage strew across it.

In one of the moves to raise awareness and make weather systems easy to follow and remember, the Weather Channel began naming winter storms from November 2012. The changes in patterns of winter season are likely to spark a trail of destructions in neighborhoods where they strike and residents need to get an awareness of the seriousness of these weather patterns.

Some of the names for the storms in 2012 to 2013 season, are Draco, Khan and Ukko among others. As the chills and snow stormy weather moves east towards New England, it was expected that it could bring significant strong winds and snow. The Weather Channel warned of high areas in Northeast parts of Massachusetts would be engulfed with snow of up to 12 inches.

Contributions to this article were provided by the cold weather property repair experts from NRN Services, a leading disaster recovery contractor helping homeowners deal with damages brought on by the extreme cold conditions. Additional information may be found online at their website.

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